SAFETiNET™ Monitoring, Patch Management & Anti-Virus Bundle


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Operating System*
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SAFETiNET™ Monitoring Services provides continuous cloud-based remote monitoring, virus protection and patching of computer equipment, software, and operating system by integrating our SAFETiNET™ technology, and expertise into your daily computer operations. 

SAFETiNET™ Monitoring, Patch Management & Anti-Virus paired with rapid response and resolution helps ensure your mission-critical computer is maintained at a high level of efficiency

SAFETiNET™ Monitoring, Patch Management & Anti-Virus bundle replaces your current Anti-Virus and includes:

  • 24x7x365 Computer Monitoring and Alerting
  • Operating System Monitoring
  • Event Log Monitoring and Alerting
  • Application Log Monitoring and Alerting
  • Real-time Inventory & Asset Management
  • Real-time Change Management Auditing and Alerting
  • Audit Management
  • Monthly status reports
  • Managed Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware
  • Microsoft Patch Management
  • SAFETiNET™ Update Service (SUDS) – (Non-Microsoft Patch Management)


  • More time working with your computer rather than on your computer
  • Improved computer performance
  • Better protection against security threats
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer costly repairs

Monthly Software as a Service subscription - cancel or upgrade any time

* An Internet connection is required for this service

By purchasing a subscription to the SAFETiNET™ Monitoring services you agree to the SAFETiNET™ Monitoring Subscription Agreement Terms and Conditions that can be found here.